Equitas is an interview intelligence software designed to aid in fair and inclusive hiring, enabling companies to build diverse teams. Our task was to design a platform for employers, helping them to modernise the typical interview experience while ensuring the process is still fair, consistent, and engaging.


Product (UI/UX) Design
Web Design


"Working with Stephen has been incredible. For early-stage companies, he is the perfect stopgap and additional resource to any in-house UX/UI designers that you might have. Project-based work where he always delivered on time and was great value for money. We have used him for multiple projects and will keep using him for future projects because he is so easy to work with and genuinely cares about what we are building in the HR & DEI tech space. He really tries to understand the company goal which in our case is to create fair hiring and he uses this to create intuitive screens that help deliver on your company’s mission. Candidates and interviewers have loved it so far, looking forward to the next project we work together on. Feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn and ask any questions on working with Stephen, happy to vouch for him."

Michael Blakley, Equitas

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