Neuromine is embarking on an ambitious journey to craft a cutting-edge web-based AI/ChatGPT interface aimed at revolutionising coaching support for employees and managers. This tool is all-encompassing, designed to uplift every professional, especially catering to those with unique barriers in communication. Specifically focusing on neurodivergent inclusion, by offering special considerations for neurodivergent individuals.


Product (UI/UX) Design


"Stephen, a remarkably skilled UX designer, played a crucial role in developing our web-based AI solution's prototype. His ability to grasp and elegantly translate our vision into a visually striking and user-friendly design was exceptional. Not only did his work significantly contribute to our ability to begin our search for our first funding round, but his proactive engagement and adaptability throughout the project were invaluable. Stephen's dedication to understanding and enhancing our ideas made him an indispensable asset, and I highly recommend him for any team seeking to elevate their product's user experience."

Theo Smith, Neuromine

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